Much love and hugs from Raffi Sharon

I spent 6 months at the Firestone in 1998 doing asthma research under Freddy.

I came from the Netherlands and Freddy had arranged research projects and a small salary for me (even though I was a student at the time).  His door was always open if I had any questions.

I did always smile when I looked at his shorts and long socks as he would always wear that no matter what weather.

I still remember Freddy hosting a big office party at his house on the night that the final Seinfeld episode aired in May 1998.  I remember being impressed with 2 things that night: the enormous backyard and the fact he opened the TV to let those of us hooked to Seinfeld watch it.  He was very laid back.

I wish I could have paid my respect by attending the funeral but unfortunately I found out too late.

All the best to the family in dealing with this loss at this difficult time.  May you enjoy many more wonderful stories how Freddy touched all of our lives!

Rest in peace, Freddy.

Raffi Sharon

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